Burmese stud cat

Clarkesfield Theodore


Theo is a lilac Burmese, he is our lovely stud boy, he came to live with us in 2005, he is a lovely cuddly boy who from an early age had very good looks. At his first show at only 14 weeks old he got the best in show Burmese kitten.

He went on to get one more best in show and several firsts and best of breeds throughout his kitten hood.

But as he got older he decided that he did not like being shown, the bright lights and makeup were not for him, so as it upset him and myself to see him unhappy, I decided to let him be my little boy that loves to stay at home and be safe in his own surroundings.

He is now a home loving cat and Dad to most of our kittens.  He is at public stud to very special girls.

Theo has been tested by a veterinary surgeon for Burmese Hypokalaemia and had a normal result.

He has now passed on his good looks to his kittens, as some have won open and best of breed classes and three of  them have won Best in Show Burmese kittens at their first shows. 

He would also like to congratulate his kittens that have grown up to become Champions, Grand Champions, Imperial Grand Champions, and Premiers, they include, 

Imperial Grand Champion Berechiah Bruno 

Premier Berechiah Hermione

Champion Oakenshield Airsandgraces

Champion Minotosa Martha

Champion Clarkesfield Eevee Espeon

Champion Clarkesfield Opalrose


Theo's pedigree

Conditions of Mating


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