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updated June 2014  

An indoor cat is a safe cat

Welcome to the Berechiah Burmese web site

Breeders of Burmese Cats since 1998

My name is Christine Cole

My husband Bryan and I have been owned by Burmese cats since 1978. Our first being a brown tortie Burmese, she loved us so much and had us waiting on her hand and foot to give her the kind of life she wanted. She was the head of the family and had us in the palm of her paw, helping me bring up my two children and always being there when they cried, also having endless fun when she would play with them.

We loved Burmese cats so much that in 1998 we decided to become Burmese breeders and with the help of my good friend Jenny Kennard in 1999 we had our first litter of Burmese kittens.

All our kittens are brought up in our home as one of the family, and are fully used to the noises of family life. 

Our kittens are vaccinated, insured and registered with the GCCF, so by the time they are ready to go at thirteen weeks they will just need people to take them home and love them.

We like our owners to keep in touch, and to send us lots of photo's of them as they grow up.

We also like our owners not to let their kittens have full freedom, since Burmese are a cat not to give an inch to as they will go for a mile.

We are located in Norfolk just south of Kings Lynn, in East Anglia, not far from the A10, we are also on the main rail line to London.

I am a member of both The Burmese Cat Club and The Burmese Cat Society, so if ever you need any help, information or advice on Burmese cats, if I can't help I am sure that I will know someone who will.

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